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Wisconsin Chapter 128.

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Chapter 128

A Chapter 128 is not a bankruptcy, it is a Wisconsin law that allows you to considate your debts and repay it over a period of three years.

It is a great tool for those that do not qualify or want to file for bankruptcy, or for those whose only debt is with the utility company.

Filing a Wisconsin Chapter 128 will stop wage garnishments, get your utilities reconnected, stop disconnection and stop high interest and penalties on credit cards and/or payday loans.

Put the power back in your own hands and regain control of your finances.

The Chapter 128 Process at Bayshore Bankruptcy

Step One:  Set evaluation appointment.  Simply call the office to set an appointment at 414-847-6465.

Step Two:  Appointment.  Bayshore Bankruptcy LLC will review your financial situation, discuss whether a Chapter 128 is right for you, and plan your immediate course of action. For the meeting, please make sure to bring a list of all debts.

Step Three:  Filing the documentation. Upon completion of the documentation and payment, Bayshore Bankruptcy LLC will file the required forms to complete your Chapter 128 filing.